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Pre-purchase surveys are the most comprehensive type of survey inspection and probably the most important.  There are a lot of systems on a vessel.  Some you may not ever think of when looking at a boat to purchase.  We strongly advise this type of survey when purchasing a vessel.  This survey covers the following and more:

  • Structural integrity  

  • Electrical systems

  • Fuel systems

  • Propulsion systems

  • Navigation equipment

  • Hull potential test for corrosion

  • Fresh water system

  • Dockside inlet

  • All appliances

  • An out of water inspection and a sea trial is usually performed.

  • Check for the US Coast Guard equipment and give an inventory of it. 

  • Connect to the engine to obtain important engine information.

  • Load test the generator

  • Look for deck leaks and check all deck equipment

  • Check exhaust system

Pre-purchase Survey

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