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My Story

My experience with boats started when I was twelve years old and I would go to the repair yard across the street and take boats apart to dispose of them in the dumpsters. I went to high school and enrolled in a specialty school (the only marine vocational school in NY city) where I studied oceanographic, marine power plant and vessel construction.  When I graduated I was first in my class in power plant and vessel construction. 


From there it was working in the repair industry for thirty-five plus years.  Attending factory schools and achieving Mercruiser Master Technician as well as getting my ABYC technician certification and obtaining a United States Coast Guard 100 ton captains license; all of which has given me the opportunity to become familiar with older boats as well as new technologies.


I have had the opportunity to work and repair vessels that were wood, steel, fiberglass and aluminum including the presidential yacht “Sequoia” and one of the largest vessels that Sea Ray boats made, the 680SS which included an all glass dash.  Now working with large and heavy components is difficult to do so I thought I would use my knowledge and expertise to inspect, inform and educate those that want to get into boating or know more about what they have.

So what do i do for fun!  As if working on boats wasn't enough; i also enjoy collecting antique boat parts and old outboard motors.  I have also found my way to the bottom of the ocean or river with my metal detector, scuba diving to retrieve lost items.  I love to scuba dive and do it any chance I  get.  I also have a little project going on; the full restoration of my 1972 Glastron GT160.  Clearly i love boating and the boating lifestyle. Just being by the water makes me happy.

Why Choose Me ?

Many surveyors come from other fields like the auto industry or insurance underwriters or even banking.  There are few in the field that have spent their entire career in the boating industry.  I look forward to helping you make educated decisions.


  • Member, ABYC

  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors

  • 100-Ton Licensed Captain

  • Certified Thermal Photographer, Class I

  • Member, National Fire Protection Association

  • Certified Mercury Master Marine Technician, Gas and Diesel

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